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Solder Sapphire Window 2.00 x 0.30

  • Part Number: ITWSS200030
  • Warranty: 3 months
  • No Minimum Order Quantity
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for Storz, R. Wolf 10023AB, 10023ABA, 27018A, 27023AB, 7218AA, 27018AA, 7208BA, 7218BA, 7218BSA, 27022AA, 27023AA, 27023CB, 7218CA, 27020FA, 10020ATA, 10324AA, 26020FA, 26120BA, 27020BA, 26007BA, 7209BA, 10020CA, 7218FA, 1002AT, 27020AA, 10018AA, 28208BA, 27018BSA, 10023CB, 7218BVA, 7219AA, 28160BA, 7219BA, 27020CA, 10018BA, 7219CA, 26120BHA, 2707AA, 28160AA, 27018CA, 28018AA, 10324BA, 7219BVA, 8660.425